118 W 22nd St. - Oak Grove, Missouri 64075 - (816) 690 - 3232 Friday, December 15  

Why We Are Here

The members of Oak Grove Christian Church feel that we have something special to offer to the surrounding area. By design and with diligence our goal is to become a center of fellowship which enables people of all ages and backgrounds to be drawn closer to God.

We take the Word of God very seriously. Clear, systematic teaching and preaching of Scripture is one of our highest priorities. We are striving to conduct our outreach and ministry based squarely on God's Word -- no other foundation is of any value or will stand the test of time and eternity. We strive to share God's truth by sharing God's love.

Our purpose is to present God's message to all that will listen so that men, women and children may experience salvation found only in God's grace through faith. Our goal is to build people to a deeper and practical relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

As God's people here on earth it is our desire to reach out to those who have any need in any way possible. This is our commitment to you and to our Lord.

You will find among us a unique openness and love which is extended to all who fellowship with us. We know and feel that God's Spirit is alive and well in our midst.

We would like to welcome you to any of our church functions. And with that welcome we also extend our warmest greetings.