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Oak Grove Christian Church of Oak Grove, Missouri has a long and rich history. After serious consultation and prayer, God's Spirit led a small group to form this body of believers we call Oak Grove Christian Church. The church began and was organized in 1879 with twenty-seven charter members. Just one year later in 1880 they built their first building to worship in. In 1909 the congregation decided to build yet another building in the middle of the town often referred to as the “Old rock church.”

It was in 1967 that the church decided that relocation was necessary. And it was at this time that the congregation moved to its current location. Steady growth again caused this group of believers to reassess the situation and in the mid 1980's our current Worship auditorium and fellowship hall were added on.

God's grace and Spirit have not stopped pouring upon our fellowship. It is really unbelievable how God is working in our church and surrounding communities. People are committing their lives and growing in the Lord far beyond anyone's expectations! To God be the Glory!